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Palatoglossal arch lumps


A little backstory - I developed a cold sore on my lower lip 2 days ago and a lymph node is also painful on the same side of my neck - near the very end of the lower jaw but below the jaw itself.

I started Googling stuff and found that swollen lymph node might be a sign of throat cancer.
I then went to check my throat instantly and found 3 small sized ( < 2-3 mm) bumps that are hard to touch and are flesh colored, situated on my palatoglossal arch. It happens to be the very same side as the lymph node and the cold sore. I am not sure if I had them before or not, but I just noticed (or just paid attention) to them.

Here is a picture (throat pic, beware): https://prnt.sc/lyqkkk

The I read again that such bumps are a sign of throat cancer and now am I even worried.

Can you please take a look and advise as I will barely be able to sleep because I am now really anxious.
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The node is not painful anymore and I am mostly worried about the lumps inside my throat. Any insight on that? Thanks!
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Agree with the other response.  No way to diagnose on line.  Not unusual for nodes to be sore and swell near an infection site.  I have had sore nodes from cold sores.  Give it at least 10 days and see if it clears up.  Of course, shoukd it get worse, call your doctor.
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Unfortunately, diagnosis is not possible in an online forum.  There are literally hundreds of causes for swollen lymph nodes, and the bumps could easily be a result of the cold sore.  A cold sore is a virus, and can trigger various immune responses.  I'd keep my fingers off the bumps (and the nodes) and see if they go away in a few days.  If they don't, or if they get worse (without poking/prodding), then a doctor's visit is in order.
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