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Please help desperate to find out what wrong with me

For the past 4-5 months I've been feeling awfull, it all started with panic attacks I would get them once a day then at work one day my legs got really hot and I felt super ditzy I couldent move without feeling like I was going to faint, I was sent home and even at home I was feeling the same feeling I felt like I was dying so I laid down went to sleep and the next.day wokeup fine went to work and 30 minutes into my fast food job and I felt horable again like I was going to faint or black out I went home again..this continued for 2 months I couldent be up for too long without feeling like if I was going to black out,,I began to get body aches pelvis hurtnd my panic attacks when away. then I began to feel my head ache all the time and it felt like if I had a rubber band over my head and this would not go away. then I started feeling like if my sinus had fungus. and certain spots in my head would hurt. the. my left ear had small ammounts of blood and also hurt. i then after 3 months started feeling almost normal I could move around without feeling like if I was going to black out.  and a week later I began to feel some symptoms come back my body began to ache at different times of the day I also have a feeling of food stuck in.my throat or chest I get sharp pains as if something is stuck in my chest or esophagus I have lumps in.my pelvis months ago my pelvis would hurt alot too. I get random pains in head and bones pop like crazy I feel super fatigued sleepy all the time. oh and ile I went through. it all I had vision problems I would see everything moving faster and I would see lines in my vision and also bright specs if light in my vision. and when iwent to the bathroom I would see stars. my left testicle his swollen now and has a small size of a pencil point bump on it my poo has mucus and blood. I've gotten a CT head a stomach Sonoma a chest cray and my thyroid is messed up but now under control.. I feel like I have cancer or something serious my doctor finds nothing and pushes me away im only 19 I weight 110 pounds im a male. I haven't lost weight but I also haven't gained any my face has gotten really this. but im guessing g its because I look older now loss my baby fat but I don't know.Are these symptoms of leukemia? doctor wokeup t listen to me and its hard to see a different docto.I also get burning nerve pains in my chest.and I could feel it in my head and back at the same time Ii feel weak and its been 5 months please help I've also gotten my heart checked and my left rib cage sticks out I think my spleen is swollen I get pain their too. sorry for making it so long I have so many symptoms
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What labs have you had done already?  

Why is it "hard" to see another physician for a second opinion?
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wow ive so manny symptoms you have its crazy doctors dont really have much of a clue they just seem to put it down to pannik attacks. and dont really want to think it could possibly be something else. i 2 have had pressure in my head ears eyes for 7 days constant with no break. i had a bad episode of shaking tingling lips buzzing in ears ect told doctor and is now sending me to a neurologist............ and its hard to see a nother doctor as once one has said its down to pannik attacks they then all say that?
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I did calcium check, thyroid, diabetes, I checked for lime disease, i don't think its panic attacks I really feel sick I felt something coming on before everything happened, I don't know how long infections last. I had a couple 100. fevers nothing more but worst flu symptoms I've ever experienced. Also the skin bags of my eyes and side would turn red like if I had food poisoning. I still don't feel stomach pains but just being up makes my legs shake, and when I lay down I feel my body tremble a feeling I would describe like a price of toilet paper being ripped I just feel awfull. Can this be mono?  Sorry for my grammar as I am on through my cell phone. Thank you for the replys. I can't see another doctor because my familly thinks im fine my doctor keeps telling them nothings wrong but I know there's something wrong nobody pops blood for months without having something wrong.
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And I had the tingling lips and buzzing in ears a part of my hand has even gone numb. Its like if I smoked alot of weed every day non stop I feel exhausted and yucky and high. I spoke to my neurologist as well he told me I was partying to much and to make a follow up if it continued and I was too young to have something serious even tho I walked into his office barely able to walk feeling super high. I don't know what's wrong with me I just wana feel normal again my diet is extremely healthy now and I take alot of suppliments
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How old are you?  You mentioned something about your family thinks there is nothing wrong with you.  Are you male or female?  

What is your lifestyle like?  Enough rest?  Not to be rude, do you use illicit drugs?  Alcohol and/or caffeine drinker?  

Any other labs done BESIDES the the above labs you mention?  

No B12 level lab done?  

Sounds metabolic in my opinion, i.e. vitamin and/or a nutrient deficiency.  
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