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can vocal cord cancer cause posterior cervical lymph nodes to swell?

I am seeing a Head and neck Surgeon because my ENT Dr wants me to get a biopsy on my vocal cord mass, well not even sure if it is  a mass, she just said I had something on my left vocal cord that looks to her could be cancer. For the last five days since seeing my ENT Dr, my neck node is swollen and firm, and not painful and I am worried that if I do have vocal cord cancer of some sort, that it has spread to the lymph nodes and what that might mean?
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Oh, just thought I would add some history: I am 48 F, smoker since I was 14yrs old, was a heavy drinker, now a light drinker. Have had a cough for a few years that I just put down to smokers cough (as ya do), recently I coughed blood in my spittle so my GP sent me to an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor. She looked down my throat and saw white patches growing on my vocal cords. She became very concerned, enough to send me to her friend who is a Head and neck Surgeon ASAP, (this Monday I have an apptointment) for a biopsy. She threw the cancer word around alot, and I didn't really register it much, I don't think it is sinking in till I get the biopsy and results. Before I seen her, my lymph node became swollen, sore, but was movable, it was just below my jaw near my jugular . After I seen the ENT Dr, a lymph node in the lower posterior cervical region has swollen up and became quite firm, but is not sore like the previous one. Ofcourse I am worried that I have cancer of the vocal cords, and am worried if it has spread if I do. My Dad had cancer and once it landed in the lymph node, he basically went down hill from there and within months, his cancer had spread all over and he died (that was last year), so you see why I am concerned. Any help/information would be great if you have it.. thank you in advance

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