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developement of my x-cancerous 9 years old boy.

My son is 9 years old, he had a cancer ( type rhabdoid sarkoma tumor) in his neck as he was 1 year, 10months old.

He took a radioactive  treatement( 31 sessions) for a period of 9 months so gladly the tumor was tested benign.

After 1 year of the sessions we were doing a check up via MRI every 3 months. and after 4 years we were doing this check up every 4months until tje tumpr was completly gone.

Note that the doctor didn't take the risk of removing the tumor because it was pushing at the spine.
ma son weights 29 kilos w he is 125cm heigh. but since 2020 he didn't grow up any cm. I have to notice as a normal result of radioactive sessions .

As an important note, the thyroid gland function was irritated  ( he tales euthyrox) as well as there is a little difference between the  bone developpement of his right and left hand because of the radioactive sessions.

My very important question is: since my boy is not growing up we have to give him some vitamins which is bad for an x-cancerous boy, so we had also the option the hormone NORDItropin but we have been said that the cancer will come back in case he takes it.

i an very confused and sad and i really want to help my boy to grow up..is there any other solution that might not have any risk on the come back of the cancer?

please let me know any tip that can help me, i am also ready to do an online consitation with you in order to find a way out for this problem.

Best Regard

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Hello and welcome to the forum. So sorry your son had cancer but am thrilled it was successfully treated. That is most important. When looking up average height for a 9 year old and weight. He really is not far off. He is 3 inches shorter and 5 pounds lighter than the average height and weight. Give him time to grow.  Eat a healthy, nutrient rich diet is the best option.
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