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scared its stomach cancer
Hi I am 27 years old and i am really paranoid that i have stomach cancer. I have always suffered with IBS from a young age but it has always only affected my lower abdomen. In august (4 months ago now) i suddenly got very bad sharp needle like pains in my upper abdomen which lasted a couple of days, and made me feel very sick i presumed it was just a bug until a week later it came back not as painful but still uncomfortable. i went to the doctor who has ran various tests over the last few months, blood tests, ultrasound scan on gall bladder, liver, kidneys, pancreas and stomach, pancreas function test, liver function test which all came back negative.
They said i have acid reflux or ulcer and have given me tablets which i have now been taking for a week and a half.
I thought i was feeling better but today the pain in my upper left abdomen is awful again. I told them my concerns about stomach cancer as i have read that i have some of early symptoms but they just said how rare it is in someone my age. But i know it can happen and i am very scared the worry is affecting my everyday life.
I have always drank quite a lot and i was worried it was my pancreas at first but now thats ruled out. i used to drink about a bottle wine most nights and spirits on weekends which i have cut down lots on since these problems started.
i have lost half a stone over last 4 months but it could be from cutting down on alcohol.
I also keep getting this full, clogged up feeling from my throat to my stomach which feels as if i have eaten something very stodgy and its not gone down properly, this is worse when my pains are worse, my doc also said it was caused by acid reflux as i also get heartburn with it sometimes and hiccups.
Along with all this i feel as if i have something stuck under my left rib (same side as pains mostly are) its almost like a babies foot stuck under and can be uncomfortable when i sit down, i am worried its a tumour or something.
I dont know if any of this is linked.
I really hope you can reassure me as i am so worried and just keep crying about it all the time, which is not fair on my 2 young sons! I have not actually been sick with this although i feel it all the time and i have had an upset stomach today but it seemed like my irritable bowel.

i hope to hear back from you soon.


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