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sinus/oral cancer at 18?

HI, thank you for reading this i am very worried. I am an 18 yearold girl, i dont use any tobacco products, drink heavily, and have never been diagnosed with hpv. nor does and head or neck cancer run in my family. About three months ago i got a sore throat and it would get better for a week then worse, i had no other symptoms of a cold. I noticed about a month ago that i had a bump about the size of  slightly larger quarter on the back side of my neck. I got  slightly worried becayse i didnt kow what it was but i waited and about two weeks later and shrunk to the size of dime. i was worried it could possibly be hiv, from an encounter in which i gave uprotected oral sex to a man of  unkown status so i got tested and it cam back negative. then i got a runy nose and post nasal drip a week or so later and know, three weeks since the runny nose started, my jaw is in so much pain and feels swollen and my tongue hurts. i also noticed some pinkish bumps at the back of my tongue with some white stuff and i got really nervous. i went to my doctor last night and told her my symptoms and asked if  they could be cancerous. she examined me and assured me i didnt have cancer then tested me for mono and strep which came back negative. she just said everything looked normal in my mouth and there where no swollen lymph nodes anywhere and she looked in my nose and ears and said everything looked normal there too, but my jaw still hurts and so does my tongue im so worried this coukd be cancer i feel crazy and everyone thinks im being irrational but idk what else this all is. could anyone tell me if i could get head/ neck cancer at this age even  though i dont use tobacco, or what these symptoms could be. i also have wisdom teeth that are partially breaking through my gums on my upper and lower jaw idk if that could be contributing to it. thank you so much.
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Also i forgot to mention whenever i swallow it feels like something is lodged in my throat and i had a nose bleed about a month ago which was weird cause i havent had one in years. thanks again
update, i went to the oral and face surgeon today and got an x ray that showed my nose, sinuses, and jaw, would this rule out cancer in these areas? the doctor said my xrays were fine and i did not have cancer but i just wan to be sure
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