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Need Advice on what to do next for Candida

I believe I have been suffering from Candida for many many years.  When I look at the symptoms, I have nearly all of them.  In January, I first took the spit tesk and it looked really bad.  I immediatley went to the doctors and saw the nurse practioner, who believed I also had this.  She gave me difulocan(only 1 pill)I did that and a candida cleanse and immediately began to feel a little better.  My gnawing, creepy crawling feelings in my gut decreased, I did get some energy back and didn't feel so depressed.  Everything I have read states that if I have a severe case of this, that I would need to be on an antifungal prescription for at least 2 weeks.  I also have the bad breath and a white coated tongue.  This has not gotten any better at all.  I have been following the candida diet and have been taking many natural antifungal remedies such as paul darco, grapefruit seed extract, and probiotics.  Even though I am better than when I started, I still believe I need to do more to get rid of this.  Afraid to go to the doctors again.  I don't thing the doctor will treat me again.  What should I do?
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I've had terrible yeast infections all my life. All types of infections. Been to a few naturopathy and herbalist. Only thing thats helped is quiting wheat and diary. Not even diary yogurt is good for us. Once I quit I noticed my swallowing and the mucus wasn't as bad especially in the mornings. I've got acne and had red patches on my face in same spots for quite some time. Now those are disappearing. I eat rice soaked for 12 hrs at least then ill cook it normal. I'll eat corn. I stay away from alot of cereals. Multigrain seems to not bother me if I soak it. I use alot of almond milk sweetened with vanilla. I keep turkey and chicken Jerry sticks along with natural candies for work. I eat soups without wheat. Usually rice with chicken. I just read labels. Yes soups work for me. I drink water with lime juice in the morning ing to clear more mucous. I also drink throat coat tea after this which I've come to love and crave. I replaced my coffee with this. I brew 2 tea bags per 12 cups of water which seem to last me a few days and saves money. I do the same with my chamomile tea bags. I store the brew in my fridge. I eat instant oatmeal Palin with maple syrup or preserves or some brown sugar. I add cinnamon real stick butter NOT margarine. I also keep protein bars for snacks that don't have much sugar. I cook pastries with almond flower. I'll only use 9rganic milk in my cooking. I cook rice noodles and make stir frys. I cook with noodles made from beans, chickpeas, lentils, Costco sells a good alternative for Mac and cheese and an abundance of already cooked beans and a ton of rice I can make rice meals out of. Hope this helps. I now am eliminating more often and the clicking I once had in my swallowing is going away. I'm sensitive to taking any type of pills. I can't even take a multivitamin as I am too scared myself to match will pinch from an old surgery after going under for an endoscopy. I barely have acid reflex. Eggs are a staple in my diet. Hope this helps someone.
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