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Large Open Wound Under Cat's Tail

My 5 month old feline has a large (.5 inch diameter) open wound under her tail, near her anus.  She was in quite a bit of pain.  She would not let me even touch her tail.  It looked like a mosquito bite yesterday.  I gave her a bath, poured hydrogen peroxide on the wound and gave her the recomended dosage of benadryl.  She was very appreciative afterwards.  I looked at it again and it was an open, deep wound.  The original bite must have been fluid-filled. It is perfectly circular, around the wound her skin is swolled, all her hair is gone around the bite and the wound is dark in color.  It almost looks like it could be a brown recluse bite.  I am taking her to the vet in the morning.  Any ideas what this might be?
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It could be an abcessed anal gland. She definitely needs to see a vet, as abcesses are extremely painful.
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It about 1 inch distal to her anus.  It is only near it.  Any other ideas?
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5 inches? Did you mean millimeters? If it's really in inches, then she needs to go to a vet immediately. Regardless of if it started as ringworm, a normal ulcer, or a bite, if she's in obvious pain it means something's not going right and there's probably infection in...."sensitive" anatomy back there.
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I said .5 inch... not 5 inches.  It is one half of an inch away from her anus.  She is no longer in pain.
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Ah, sorry. My eyes are just getting worse and worse. :)

In that case, it's an abscess. As long as there's no pain it will likely go away on it's own. Keep an eye on it and if it closes and drains a few times it's expected. As long as it doesn't get redder or swell. I have something I use, it's OTC from the pet store and called; "Fungisan". it's an antibacterial that helps fight the infection. It has an antiseptic quality too.
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Thank you so very much for your help and patience!
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No problem, we're here to serve feline and human both. :)
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That's not all it could be. It can also be..and more than likely this is it...Hypersplatic tissue.  Your kitten probably at one point or another had some what of a rectal protrusion that self corrected. It left behind this red abscess called hyperplastic tissue.
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Could be ringworm too
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