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Shes 13 years old this summer (2020). We just changed her food earlier this January. It's a dark brown. She gets catlax once to twice a w...
I recently posted that my 2 year old male cat, Charlie had become very aggressive towards my 16 year old cat. I have kept them separated ...
Had a follow up at the Vet yesterday. Dr Dorsch said it looked like the growth was completely gone from the front half of Blue's tongue, ...
I've noticed my cat will have brown pieces of fur around her vagina.i can touch it and pull it off it doesnt stink.what is it
Gave second dose of Prozac last nite. How long for it to take effect? After my vet ruling out physical issues it was ruled behavioral. He...
So, I have a litter of 4 kittens, they are 8 and a half weeks old, and I've noticed the youngest one is acting strangely when compared to...
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