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Sir Thomas Cooper and Lord Buffingham Tyger were rescued by a wonderful group of women 6 years ago today from a horrid hoarding situation...
This is my first cat, and he is 1yr 4months old. He is usually so playful and full of energy. I took him to be spayed on Thursday June 19...
Hello, sorry if my English is not good. My cat has been going through seizure recently. It usually last for about 1 minute. A few months ...
For the past couple of months I have been feeding my cat dry food until recently I discovered a dry food diet is not the healthiest for c...
Hello, I'm very worried about my male cat, Buddy. A couple days ago when I got home from work I realized Buddy wasn't there to greet me ...
The other night my kitty got outside for the first time in the three-plus years she's been with us. I was unaware that she'd gotten out...
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