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cat with an ear problem

my kitten (3 months old) had (has) ear mites. I am using ear miticide, after 9 days of use, cats ears are irritated, mite (crusty) residue is at least as bad if not worse, and inside the kittens ears, the skin is scaled like a bad sunburn and flaking and ears in general are very tender and redish.  is it a bad reaction, or something else, and is there anything like aloe vera I may have around the house to help her out?
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thanks,  and I am taking her to the vet, I wiped her ears out with warm water last night to get any of the medication off her outer ear.  she seemed to feel alot better.  thanks for the post
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My kitten had ear mites also. It is terrible for them and they are very uncomfortable.

From what I understand the mites can actually get into the ear canal and can cause deafness. Are you applying it daily? If so, that is incorrect. You need to find the proper way to dispense the drops.

Do yourself a favor:

First: do a google search on "earmites cats". There is a lot of information out there from vets that may be of help to you.
Second: Call your vet. The kitten may be having an allergic reation.

Either way, get the baby help. I guarantee you she/he is uncomfortable.
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