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Is this cervical cancer ??

My mom is 47 year old and has been bleeding for about 4 months.
Last year, from March she started having irrgeular and heavy periods . Before that she a was healthy and got her periods regularly .As it continued , she went to a doctor . They did some tests and gave her medicines and everything was back to normal.
This year again around April . She got her periods and they are not stopping . During first 5 days she didn't bleed much but  after 5th day  she has been bleeding continuously since then . It's been around four months and the bleeding did not stop till now .  Sometimes it's heavy and sometimes it's light .
Her other health problems -
She has some kind of allergy . We think it is dermatographia . We actually consulted many doctors but nobody could figure out whether it is dermatographia or any other problem.
Sometimes she feels tired suddenly and her blood pressure drops down .
I don't know what wrong with her and I am really scared .
Her family even has a history of cancer . Her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and her uncle was diagnosed with stomach cancer .
We can't go to the hospital because of this covid stuff. (Presently the situation in my country is horrible.)
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I am sorry your mom is dealing with this especially with less access to health care. It's possible that the hormonal changes that precede menopause may be the cause of all this bleeding. And, unfortunately, perimenopause can last for years. Fibroids or polyps (benign growths) can also cause excessive bleeding. These growths can be removed (and the uterus and its lifelong functions preserved) if they continue to be problematic.

Is she no longer on the medicine she was prescribed last year that regulated her cycle?  If not, maybe her doctor would prescribe it again. She is likely losing a lot of iron. If her levels are low or she has symptoms of iron deficiency, taking an iron supplement with vitamin C would be a good idea.

I hope this helps. Post back and let us know what you find out and how she's doing.
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There is not enough information provided to answer your question. Irregular and heavy periods are abnormal, and are worrisome especially given since they were normal before. The bleeding may be coming from the uterus, cervix, and/or vagina. Your mother should return to her doctor for additional tests, including but not limited to pelvic ultrasound.
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