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Hello My mom is 47 year old and has been bleeding for about 4 months. Last year, from March she started having irrgeular and heavy peri...
Would anyone be able to help me understand my pathology report? I have been given conflicting answers. I would really appreciate any help...
First of all, my heart goes out to all of you and you are all true heroes. I have a multitude of health issues. The main one being my Ehl...
So my question is I have been HPV positive since 2016 when I first got diagnosed. I had been doing regular Paps since then. Have had both...
I had a pap smear done a month and a half ago. Results came back HSIL CIN 2 / CIN 3. I retook the test a week ago, pap smear came back ...
A little bit of a back story. I do have PCOS, which is the only known thing that I have been diagnosed with at this point (diagnosed at ...
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