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I moved to NY in Spring 2017 and in my first year of living here, I contracted HPV. I was crushed to find out the news, especially becau...
A little bit of a back story. I do have PCOS, which is the only known thing that I have been diagnosed with at this point (diagnosed at ...
I have just returned from my doctors after going to him with the complaint of very uncomfortable sex with my partner. This pain is someth...
I guess this isn't much of a question as me being stuck in limbo. I had my yearly done 2 weeks ago and got that dreaded call from the...
I had total hysterectomy in 2010 for adenocarcinoma. My ovaries were left. I had no chemo or radiation. All pap's have been good up till ...
Hi. About a week ago I got my second HPV shot (Gardasil). But I assume the nurse didn't wash her hands before the injection nor she shook...
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