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Why is my Gyno referring me to an oncologist?

I had an abnormal pap about a year ago CIN 2 was found. I had a LEEP procedure done. My 6 month follow up all was well. 6 months after (now) the abnormal cells have returned.. according to my Gyno same as before. Only this time she is referring to me a gynocologist oncologist. I'm so confused as to why she's sending me to a dr who treats cancer without telling me she suspects there is any cancer. She said it's not cancer, but it's pre cancer, and at this point I don't have much cervix left. Has anyone had anything similar to this, or could possible help explain to me why she's sending me to an oncologist?? My appointment with the cancer center is weeks away and I'm terrified.
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Do worry if it was a cancer che they wpuld book  for a cam to be put ins y and take a samp of uo cervix skin to send off and then that's when it could be cancer. I should know that happend to me and Iv found out Iv got stage 3 cervical cancer and I'm only 29. I'm here if u need to talk. Any time x and good luck on ur appointment try not to worry.
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Sorry about the mess up with the typing I couldn't see the answer box while I was writing the msg. lol Yerh but honestly I think you shall be ok.
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