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10month will not sleep in crib or even go in it..

I have a 10month old baby. His crib is in our room and has been since he was born. July 16th he is getting his own room. He never slept well since he was born but he always slept in his crib no problem. About 3 weeks ago maybe 4 weeks. He began to scream and hyperventerlate when I put him down for a nap or bedtime. I mean he will sit up in his crib and scream for hours and his breathing gets out of control and he cannot stop.

Things I have tried:

Put him to bed with a bottle (still do)
I am in the room with him
I am out of the room
I check in every 15min to let him know Im here
Shut the door and let him scream for an hour (just gets louder)

He will not sleep in his crib what so ever, and he will not even go in.
We never let him sleep with us, until one night he was up till 5am trying to get him to go in his crib finally we took him into bed and he fell right to sleep in like 2 min.. I dont want to get him in the habit of this but.. I mean he will not go into his crib you hang him over it to put him in and the screaming begins... even if ur right there or if ur not.. I am soo lost of what to do.. My husband seems to think once he gets his own room this will all change but IM SO doubtfull. I need advice or help.. Is this a stage??? or am I actually... creating this habit now that he will want to sleep with us... every night we try to put him in his crib.. for atleast 4 hours.. but... he will scream and his breahting just... wow.. even when u take him out it takes him an hour to calm down.. so... yeah..
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