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15 and loaded with issues!

My 15 year old was born with a cleft lip and palate. I was told by doctors to never let him cry as an infant. (No self soothing) We've gone through many surgeries and stand comfortable with the outcome of those for now. My problem is:

Because his palate has been manipulated so much, he is a picky eater and will not eat fruits or veggies at all. He's overweight "Obese" and I can not convince him that eating healthy is Vital to his survival rate. I have done everything short of installing a lock on my fridge. I've asked Doctors to help me explain to him about their importance and get little backup from them. I've bought books, movies, DVDs, and CDs to try to motivate him to exercise and eat right but they become dust collectors. I thought going for family walks would help get him started, but he does nothing more beyond walking. He has no friends to speak of and I don't have the means of which to get him to public functions to meet kids his age. "He's home schooled due to behavioral issues and learning disabilities."

He has been medically diagnosed with ODD, OCD, ADD with Behavioral Disorder and Mood Disorder.
For the record, I have tried to get SSI for him to help offset the cost of repairs and replacements of other people's broken property and to help with his focusing on positive things like art and writing, as well as help me fund his school books I have to buy every 3 months, but he keeps getting denied because they say his disabilities are not severe enough. : ( I've had him in Therapy but all they seemed to do is crafts. I felt Little was being done as far as progression so i stopped taking him after 3 months .

What else can I do?
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You are not doing him a favor by home schooling him. You are only cementing his social isolation. He should be enrolled in the public school system and will likely require special education resources. Also, some diagnostic clarification is needed. He does not display all those emotional disorders. Without a thorough evaluation it will be impossible to design a sensible treatment plan.
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