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3yr old daughter being touched by another 3 yr old

My 3 yr old daughter has told me a few times that another 3yr old girl punched her in the private.  Well this past weekend, she told me that this same girl put her finger in my daughter's "tee-tee" and it hurt.  I am freaking out, as a victim of sexual abuse from an adult when I was a child, I am not sure if I am overreacting, but it seems to me like something may be going on with this other little girl.  I have placed a call into the daycare and am waiting on them to call me back to discuss it.  It this normal child exploration or should I have reason for concern.
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Whilst some exploration  is a normal pattern this  amounts to the fact that your daughter was hurt by the other child and the children need to be supervised more especially as this is at day care, I ask where was the teacher when this happened so you are correct in asking for answers from them. Perhaps speak to the mother of the other child ,the punching aspect isnt good,.definatly make sure your child is protected from this behavior.
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