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5yr old daughter misbehaving in Kindergarten

My 5yr old daughter just started Kindergarten about 3 weeks ago. She was going to her daycare/nursery school since she was 3mths old prior to this. She is very smart and knows a lot that other 5 yr old children do not know yet. She can read from a sight word book write every every upper case and lower case, spell certain words, read certain words, easy addition and subtraction. She is having a behavioral problem in class. The teacher writes me notes about 3 times a week telling me she is constantly calling out, getting out of her seat to get tissues with out rasing her hand, waiting to use the handicap bathroom in the restroom (becasue its bigger), making noises loudly when suppose to be doing her work, wobbling on her chair. The teacher said she is not calling out answers but she is calling out random things such as, I have to go to the bathroom, I need a tissue,...etc. When they are doing their work at their tables she is grabbing the other kids pencial cases and playing with them.  Her daycare said she never gave them a problem and that she just has to get use to it.  The teacher uses a color card system, Every student starts with a green cardm they go to yellow, orange, and red. They get numbers on their calenders when their behavior is out of hand. Last week i received 3 notes about calling out and wobbling in chair. Friday I received a note saying she is doing much better. This Monday and Tuesday she gets numbers for things that she is doing. I told her she couldnt go to dance class last night and she couldnt play her nintendo wii or gameboy. What do you recommed me do with disciplinging her.  She goes to dance class 3 times a week and she alwasy has parties to attend. I dont know if punishing her is the right thing to do? May you please help? Does she need to be evaluated?  Thank you. Concerned Mom
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I am having the same issues... I often wonder what, if anything, we can do other than talking to them to curve the issues. Or quite possibly, is the school not doing enough figuring that we, as parents, will handle it at home.

At least your getting positive feedback, and have the ability to see improvment or not. My kids' school doesn't offer the color system or any other form of system for that matter. I wish I could help and I am anxious to see what others think =]

I am having the same issues.  My daughter is 5 and just started kindergarten ..  Its only been a week but I am so worried.  They have had to take her out of the class twice already.. and this morning we had to force her out of the car..  Is she the only child that is doing this?
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I know I am very concerned and frustrated.  She isnt a bad kid she is just having some behavorial issues and I dont know how to fix it. Is punnishing her the right way to go. I dont hollar at her I talk to her and tell her that I dont want to punish her but I want her to do behave better in school and this is what I have to do.  She will cry, cry and the next day she does it again.  She tells me she forgets she had to raise her hand.  She tells me she is bored.  I dont know what to do.
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i hear that. My kids do the same, they know what their doing is wrong, yet repeate the same thing the next day.

does her teachers make you feel like your child is the only one in the class who does these things? or are they just letting you, as well as the other parents, know?! My husband and I often wonder if our kids teachers have issues with other kids as well. Do you think it would be appropriate to ask the teachers if they have behavior issues with other kids in the class too??
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Yes the teacher does make me feel like she is the "problem child" of the class. I did ask her once before last week about other students behavior and she told met that she doesnt like to discuss about other students.  I didnt want her to bad mouth the other students just some closure that this behavior is normal for a 5 yr old, that is only 3 weeks into Kindergarten.  I just spoke to her Pre-K teachers and they told me she really didnt get them a problem at all.  They think she might of have gotten to much attention there and now she isnt getting it there.  I hope she had a better day today.
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Yeah thats what I was afraid of, but in the same respect we NEED to know if there are issues with our kids alone or if there just informing us along with every other parent!

It kind of stinks that every day we send our kids to school we are hoping they have a better day, I think were hoping for a better day not just for there benefit but our sanity as well =/
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I'm glad I'm not in this all by myself. My daughter too, started Kindergarden this year and she's having the same problems. She is very smart and does her work in class. I think the problem is that they get bored easily so they find other ways to occupy their time. She also comes home at least 2 times a week with red card saying that she's out of her seat or constantly talking in class. I've taken her Tv and dvds out of her room and I'm not allowing her to have computer time. This has somewhat improved her behavior in school but she stills has her days. I don't think she needs to be evauated. I think this is something they'll grow out of by 1st grade. Just continue to talk to her and stay consistent with the discipline and she'll show positive changes soon! lol :)
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