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7 year old boy with Graves Disease and ADHD

My 7 year old son, previously diagnosed with Graves Disease in Oct 2006 has just been diagnosed with ADHD + 3 different learning disabilities.

We have been advised to put him on medication (although he is still on PTU for his thyroid) and I must admit that it's a little scary right now. We have also been advised to take him out of the bilingual school and go to a private school that caters for children with learning disabilities in just one language.

I need to explain all this to my son + take the decision on medication and school, but how do I explain all this to him?

Any advice from anyone in the same situation would be great.

Thanks in advance,
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I am so sorry you have to deal with all of this - My thoughts are just explain it to him - Talk to him like you would an adult but in terms he will understand - Do NOT sugarcoat anything and let him know everything exactly the way it is going to happen.   Good luck to you.  
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Thanks so much for your words of advice.  You are right of course, it's always to tell them everything (in simple terms) otherwise they just pick up on things and imagine what's going on without knowing all the facts.
I did not know that it was possible to have both ADHD and hyperthyroidism, both having similar symptoms and so one masked the other for over a year.
Well at least we know now and can deal with it.
Living in this country is great as we can get the best possible care for our children, the best specialists etc. that really care and do their best to help.

I am English and in England the health system is terrible, you get minimum help and just asked to deal with things on your own.

I am so happy that we live in America now, hopefully for as longs as possible.
Thanks again,
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im sorry you have to go through this too, i agree you should explain things to him, he will understand more then you know

my sister has an auto immune disease (shes 7 also) shes also had some learning disabilities but hers is from her eye sight problems, she knows more about her condition then i do now, and knows exactly what medications she needs and when she needs them, it makes her feel like she has some control, and she can also explain to other kids whats wrong with her (because kids always ask, shes completely bald, so obviously people, adults included want to know why) shes very aware of her condition and thats important to her

best of luck with you and your little one:)
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