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I'm working with a 5 year old child who shows social deficits in that he takes a long time to respond to someone calling him, will say something to another child and then not listen to his response, or will randomly hit a classmate sitting next to him. He is not aggressive by nature at all, it seems like he does it out of boredom or to test the child's response (he usually waits to be hit back). He is very affectionate, often inappropriately so (kissing kids and teachers, saying I love you...) He often spaces out while the teacher is reading or when he is doing work, will lose track of the task or start doing something else. He plays and builds things on his own, but will engage a classmate when he wants to, physically or verbally...  He is pretty mild-mannered, but occasionally, usually when he can't do something he wants, he will have loud outbursts where he cries and screams for a long period, and then will abruptly stop when the teacher offers her lap or some kind of comfort. I have heard the teacher remark that this sort of behavior resembles PDD, but some of the behaviors seem to me to be ADHD like... Any help at all with this dilemma would be greatly appreciated..
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These behaviors can be indicative of a number of conditions and some may be simply developmental unevenness. Tobe sure, they do not represent any single condition. If his parents are concerned about how he is developing they should arrange a thorough developmental evaluation. This sort of assessment is useful for young children because it will assess the variouys spheres of development (fine and gross motor, cognitive, social, emotional). That is what I would recommend at this point.
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