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I am worried that my brother may have ADHD. he is constantly on the go and can never relax. even when he asleep he is restless. He struggles to get to sleep and has temper tantrum often. He has even resorted to throwing things around the room and hitting people. Any one can help, please speak to me. thanks
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Well,  some people are more active than others.  Some people really do need more physical outlets to maintain themselves.  They don't necessarily have a disorder to be like that.  Some people also don't have great coping skills for anger and frustration. Sounds like that is the case for your brother.

Add/adhd is a brain issue and would affect many things.  If your parents suspect he has add/adhd would most likely would have been brought up by a teacher of his at some point, then an expert assessment would need to be done.

What you CAN do is help him stay active.  My son who is only 7 has sensory issues.  He needs lots and lots of physical activity.  He can sit when he needs to better and falls asleep more easily if he has had this.  So, suggest your brother go swimming or for a long bike ride.  Go with him!  Encourage him to do sports----------- soccer, football, baseball, track and field, etc.  All great.  Suggest your parents get him a large punching bag or kick boxing bag for him to work out with as a present.  These types of activies help soothe an over active nervous system whether it is due to adhd, sensory or he is just like that.  

Also, talk about other things he can do rather than throwing the cup.  Just keep communication going with him and try to be a good role model.  good luck
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When I was younger I use to do the same things as your brother everyone thought it was ADHD, so i was put on a few different medications but nothing seemed to work it just made me more depressed then help me. You should try doing activities my thing was basketball. I felt alone and with that I would lash out for attention. If your brother feels like he is not getting the attention he needs he will lash out. Anger does not get better with time unless it is helped right away. Find something he enjoys doing and stick with it. I dont think violent sports such as kick boxing or karate are possitive it just shows how to use your violence better.

There is also alot of vitamins out there if you look that help calm the speed of the brain activity not slow it down but more so help keep the body and brain in balence if you cant find anything that works then i would consult a doctor.

If you really want to figure out what if bothering him try getting him a notebook, like a journal tell him he can either keep it to himself or if he wants to talk he can write in it and give it to you or someone in the family to write back if he cant talk about his feelings. Make sure he has a safe place to go when he is angry so he can go there and no one will bother him untill he has calmed down. This is just what i have lernt from my own experiences, but everyone is different.
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I actually wanted to say from a developmental standpoint---------- karate is excellent.  Ashleeleigh, karate is a discipline that works on the art of self control, responsibility, and muscle movement.  Most developmental experts highly  recommend it for kids with adhd.  And another issue many kids with nervous system issues has (which adhd is) is that they seek impact.  Boxing bags and kickboxing bags are known treatments for that again often recommended by experts.  It is to feed the nervous system and is what they call "heavy work" and a known therapy to help someone be able to maintain themselves when they need to.  Contrary to promoting violence, it actually heads it off.
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   Great ideas by the above posters.  Perhaps if you told us your brothers age, we could be of further help.  How is he doing in school by the way?
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yes, the age would help.  
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My Brother is 9 years old. he is okay at school but he certainly has his off days. sometimes he will refuse to go so that aint good.
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that;s tough, you are a good sibling to be so concerned about him.  Is his behavior varying a lot by teh day?  Some great days, some terrible days?
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