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Adderol for studying use without ADD

For the past week i've been taking 10 MG of Adderol to help me study for finals.  I do not plan to use this for any purposes other than studying for finals, and i do not plan to snort it.  I was wondering if it has any long term effects of taking it on occasionally if you do not have ADD or ADHD.  It helps me concentrate.  Besdies the chance of addiction, if that any other draw back?  Thank you.  Please E mail me at ***@****

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Such medications should be used only as treatment for a diagnosed condition such as ADHD. Amphetamine use can adversely influence heart rate and blood pressure and should only be used with a doctor's guidance. It may be that you display Inattentive-type ADHD and that the condition has never been diagnosed. Please discontinue use of the Adderall. If you think you should be evaluated for ADHD, do so.
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