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Baby had MRI - unusual quirks...help appreciated


My daughter is 9 months old and started doing some odd/quirky behaviours the last 3 months.  
Back in December I fell while holding her. I was walking through the shops to get to a baby room when I slipped on water from a leaky roof, landing on her head. It was polished concrete, so the bang was quite significant, although no lump and very little bruise came up. We took her to the doctors, they looked in her eyes and said she was fine.  

2 weeks later she started pulling a very odd face, which continues to this day. It is a face of pure surprise, her mouth forms an "o" shape and sometimes droops in the corners.

Then she started crawling and a few weeks in, her right arm would give way with such force she would bump her eye or cut her lip.
We would be watching her play and either arm would spasm outward. She does this still and it looks kind of like a Nazi salute.
She will go a couple of hours where she will do nothing out of the ordinary (besides "thumbing" - below) and then we will have an hour where she will do the arm spasms and mouth twitch a couple of times every minute.

Then there is the "thumbing". My friends and family have never known another baby to do this. She dominates with her thumbs. Fists closed, thumbs out, and knocks on everything, taps everything with her thumbs. She picks things up this way (like a crumb). She has done this for months now. She can grasp objects and pass them from hand to hand, but has not developed the pincer grasp yet.

We will be having a neurologist look at her because we want to know if she is quirky or if it is something more sinister. The paedeatricians could not tell us if what she is doing is normal or not, they ordered MRI's and EEG's to be safe.

Apart from the quirks, she is developing great, she can stand and cruise, sometimes stand alone. She is saying "mama" and seems ahead and very strong. But everyone around me (and me) are getting concerned about these quirks. Any ideas anyone?? Thanks :)

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The symtoms you describe do invite some concern about the functioning of her central nervous system. Thus, the imaging studies and the pediatric neurology appointment are quite sensible.
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