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Child who eats hair

My almost 2 year old is constantly pulling out her hair and trying to eat it. Not sure if she actually swallows any.  She has been doing this for a very long time maybe even almost a year.  She goes for her 2 year old appointment the beginning of September but I was hoping to see what people thought.  She is allergic to most foods, eggs, potatoes, all gluten(wheat, rye, barely), dairy, nuts, and FPIES to rice and oats.  So her diet is very limited.  I am sure it must be related but I am wondering if it's PICA or the actually disorder or pulling and/or eating hair.  Thoughts?
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This could be an impulse disorder, Trichotilomania, http://www.webmd.com/anxiety-panic/guide/trichotillomania.  Have the doctor evaluate her for this disorder.
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