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Concerned about Child's Fixation - Help!


I have an 8-year old son who is currently diagnosed with ADHD and some anxiety issues. The doctor is still evaluating him for PDD and we are also waiting for the final report regarding his O/T evaluation.
The thing I have noticed is my son seems fixated on certain things, like:

Bad Guys

Bad Guys hurting us, hurting him, killing us, etc.

The word “kill” as in, “Why is the cat under the bed? Because he is mad… Oh, he is going to kill?” It seems that everyone/everything wants to kill. Also, He says the bullies at school want to kill him but he hasn’t said that for months now.

The words, “dead” and “dying” – he will ask if something is dead or dying a lot. He says he knows everything will die.

Now I have asked my son if he has wanted to harm / kill anyone, to which he immediately says no. Normally my son is not allowed to watch violent programs. However, in the past my husband has allowed him to watch Star Wars cartoons, Batman, etc. to which I put the kibosh on.
I’m unsure what to do. I don’t know if I should say something to his facilitator as if this might be some deeper issue or is this just a kid/boy thing. I am an only child so I don’t know what the norm is, especially with boys.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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By your description of the problem, it sounds as if your son might be experiencing delusions, hallucinations, and paranoia.  It might be best to get these behaviors checked out by a child psychiatrist.  A referral from your son's pediatrician might be needed.
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   Kids with ADHD do fixate.   8 year old boys do say what your son is saying.
Did anybody in your extended family die in the last year?  What time of the day does he tend to say these things?  Does his teacher also notice this going on at school?
   Really doubt if he is delusional, etc.
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Hey there!

Congrats on your daughter's marriage (saw it in a previous post :))

No, no one died... our dog had to be put down recently due to his having grand mal seizures and he bit me during one. He did know that the dog was put to sleep.
He says these things more so in the morning and at night. His teacher, not so much, but she has about 20 kids in the classroom, most with behavioral issues.

He has been severly bullied lately though, which we are working with the school on.
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Oh goodness.  Sorry about the dog and about the bullying.  I do indeed think those things are part of what is going on.  To me, what you describe sounds like anxiety.  And with what you've said is going on, that kind of goes along with that.  

I'm glad his school is getting involved with the bullying.  Kids need to feel that the adults in their life support them and are safe to tell what is going on.  

I personally don't really think the 'bad guy' stuff such as batman is contributing as that actually is good over evil as a constant theme.  Pretty typical for boys to love this stuff and I've seen it as empowering for my kids.  They want to be the 'good guy'.

But nonsense violence in video games is not good.  Glad you do't allow that.  
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    Thanks,  and I do agree with Specialmom.
Due to the time that this is happening which coincides with the medication not being active - I think that is part of the fault.   As I said kids with ADHD will fixate.  And he is also at an age where death and dying are mysterious and worrisome.  I think that what he probably needs is comfort and love, and probably not to make a big deal of these things.
    You also might want to look into buying either - "Don't despair on Thursdays" - http://www.amazon.com/Dont-Despair-Thursdays-Childrens-Grief-Management/dp/0933849605   ....aimed at 9 and up or  "When I feel worried"  - http://www.amazon.com/When-Feel-Worried-The-Way/dp/0807588938/ref=pd_sim_b_43?ie=UTF8&refRID=081Q8AXN0H8TTC0HB1DC   ...aimed at 4-7 .
   They might give you ways to talk with him about some of his anxieties.
Keep in touch and let us know how things are going.
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Thank you guys! You both are awesome and appreciate the time you take to help people in need :)

I did speak with the faciliator and with the doctor and they stated that they think it's the age as well as he just fixating and will probably move onto other things.

We did have to increase the medication to 15mg (3) times a day and there might be another bump in a month. I did make mention to the O/T and to the doctor about looking into a sensory disorder. I'm still waiting on the final report.
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