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Covert Incest?


I'm posting here because I just encountered what was at least the 2nd, if not 3rd, post I've seen on parenting forums regarding inappropriate relationships between children and parents that aren't definitively sexual (meaning no one knows for certain whether sexual activity has taken place between them, but it just seems like they're "too close"). I dated someone once upon a time who suffered from covert incest, though neither of us had heard the term at the time so had no idea that's what it was and the person of course initially denied that ANYTHING was going on. But since I've encountered such very similar stories I thought it would be good to post this link here:


"Covert incest describes a relationship between a parent and child in which the child feels more like a romantic partner. Typically the parent is motivated by the loneliness and emptiness of a troubled marriage, so she (or he) turns the child into a surrogate partner. There is not necessarily any kind of overt sexual touching, but the relationship feels too close for comfort to the child. The boundaries are such that there is an incestuous feeling. The child feels used and trapped, the same as with overt incest."

Hope this helps someone!!!
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