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Grandson 15 and we are losing him....
I will keep this short as I really a need a answer. My grandson was diagnose with Tourette @ age 6....afterwards was tested at top facility for As burgers Spectrum Disorder.....He didn't quite fit the mold. He was the  diagnose with Oppositional  Defiance Disorder...Fast forward....He is 15  and has social anxiety and learning disable.Right now he Is taking Ability as he is extremely violent at times....He is defiant and verbally abusive. Right now he is taking Ability 15 mg. and Zoloft 100 mg. It isn't helping at all with his social skills....Kendal also has had brain surgery to remove a cyst in his temporal lobe ....the cyst has returned and yet there are no guarantees if he has surgery again that the same thing won't happen.......If he needs a mood stabilizer why not the tried and true Lithium as a stabilizer .....Bi polar is rapid in our family as mental illness is in his fathers.(learning disability)....we are Bi -polar yet we are very smart when it comes to learning!
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