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Has my son got autism...im worried....i have no idea

Hiya where do i begin.  I have 3 sons who are 9,4 and 3.  I am worried about my son who has turned 3 in January.  He has speech problems and has difficulty pronouncing most words although he is getting easier to understand and is getting slightly better he is putting words together to form sentences but i find it hard to understand him most of the time.  He is half toilet trained where he can now in the last couple of weeks use the toilet for a pee but has never had a poo in the toilet yet and we have been through lots of rewards/punishements the thing that worries me is that i really dont think he knows when he needs and sometimes when he has actually been. We put him into nursery about 6 months ago to see if that would help him with his speech but it hasnt and he doesnt really like nursery he cries everytime we leave him.  He has this behaviour pattern where he always wants me to do things for him and not anyone else.  He is a very loving litle boy and sometimes when he cuddles me he likes to lick me which i find very strange as well. He plays fine with his brother but only really with one toy his wreslters and he loves to play the computer (which he plays only for at most 1/2 hour a day)maybe he is just slow at things.  He is in speech therapy now but to be honest it isnt making one bit of difference.  I just find it hard to understand i have never had any problems with my other 2 sons infact quite the opposite the olderest is in all the top groups in his class and my son who is 4 is really bright and both were toilet trained within days.  Maybe he will just be slow but there is just something with him i cant quite put my finger on.

Many thanks

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