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My 12 month old can sit, roll around and bring himself into sitting position. he has always rocked his head from side to side which throw him off balance occasionally now that he sits. Googled long ago- I quickly ruled out Autism as he had no other sign and went with self soothing . He is not crawling yet or even attempting to pull himself  into standing position. Ped say he has high muscle tone and hyper extend his knees. When I hold him in standing position he often has rigid legs and stands on tippy toes. He seems far from walking. He's very active and gets around rolling twisting but not a normal crawl. My son interacts very well with us smiling, babbling, playful and fun. My son sleeps and eats well.  He uses fine motor skills and seems very bright, He tuned out the Ped.at  appt.when she was calling his name, she asked how often he does that, sure it's been more than a few time but he's only12 months so only 6 months really count?? He has no vocabulary yet, but again babbles, laughs ect.. Ped.says each individual issue is not a concern but all together is a red flag. She has recommended many tests MRI, hearing, PT, blood work-cromo test. Should I follow through with all  these tests and disrupt his happy little life or can I wait until he is 17 month and see if he walks and talks within the norm Could I miss out on early intervention if I wait a few more months? Friends and family say go with my gut. I get a stomach ache when I think of my little man being poked and prodded and I get a stomach ache thinking I would deprive him of any help. Guts not working, hearts interfering. Need your help!!
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Seamusmom,  these tests won't disrupt his happy little life.  A hearing test and a PT evaluation will feel like playing.  I would suggest you have him evaluated by an OT (occupational therapist) that specializes in pediatric development rather than a physical therapist,  though.    It's not like he's got an injured shoulder.  ;D

It's SO hard to muster up your courage and get your child tests,  but these are very valuable months for him and if they do find developmental abnormalities the time is NOW to work with him.  

Best wishes.  This is hard.  But you'll be glad you did it,  no matter what the results turn out to be.

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It might just be the way that your child is developing period. My 3 year old daughter never crawled. She actually used to sit on her butt with a leg behind her and scoot on her butt. For a  mental image, like a dog whom has worms would rub his butt on the floor. Caitlyn did this for a very long time. I was scared out of my wits. She ended up going to the pedi. about 3 times before they finally sent her to a specialist. After seeing the specialist, I was told that some children just might skip crawling all together. On that note, you mentioned standing on tip toes. Caitlyn also did this for a VERY long time. Even after she started walking. She would pull herself up by the couch and just stand there on her tip toes. Sometimes for 10-15 minute intervals. Believe me I'm not joking there. I used to be like "This child will have leg muscles of a horse by the time shes an adult". lol

I would suggest the specialist. Just to see if there are in muscle issues. That helped me out a lot and now Caitlyn is a romping 3 year old of doom! Hope I was able to help at all! and Good Luck!! :)
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