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Question about Hypothyrodism in teenagers

My younger cousin is 17 years old and she weighs 78 kilograms (don't know how many lbs.)She's 5'4" yet I know that 78 is not the weight she should have. Her mother has a low TSH count and as a result she is obese too. My question is, since her mother has Hypothyroidism...is it possible that she could have it as her present age too? I haven't noticed any mood swings or forgetfulness (which i believe is a symptom of Hypothyroidism). the reason I am concerened is because before she was 14 or so, she was extremely thin. (as in really thin...barely over 35 kgs). Can you tell me any symptoms of Hypothyroidism in her age group...but first of all: could it be possible?
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Symptoms of hypothyroidism include, more commonly, inability to tolerate cold temperatures, dry skin, brittle nails, yellowish skin color, feeling weak or drowsy or sluggish, memory problems, depressive-type symptoms, difficulty concentrating, constipation, fatigue, heavy or irregular menstrual periods, behavior change, school performance problems, problems in growth and development, persistent abdominal pain (children and teens often appear to be younger than they are). Symptoms that are less common include swelling in the throat area, modest weight gain, loss of hair from scalp, swelling of extremities, facial puffiness, hoarseness and muscle aches/cramps.

Yes, children and teens can display thyroid problems, and they are more vulnerable to such difficulties if a parent displays such problems. The only way to be certain about such things is via medical examination, including lab workups.
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