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Should I have my son repeat kindergarten

My son has a "language-based learning disability," that includes expressive language, reading disability, and likely dyslexia. He is finishing kindergarten and can not read. He is having great difficulty learning to read. I am trying to get him a tutor for the summer.
He is 6-years-old and already older than many of his classmates. His teachers have not suggested having him repeat kindergarten, but a psychologist outside of school suggested that. The suggestion was made due to low confidence and developing low self-esteem in thinking school is too hard.
He turns 7 the first week of September. I personally think it will be more of a blow to his self esteem to put him back in kindergarten with 5-year-olds. He does not like the company of younger children, and prefers to be around older children. Emotionally and socially he is developing normally for his age (not immature). I think it would be frustrating for him. While I do agree first grade would be hard.
I have found several "experts" that have written that repeating grades can be more harmful than helpful.
What is the general consensus about children repeating kindergarten?
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No generalized approach can be taken to this iisue, apart from saying "It depends..." Your son can certainly proceed to first grade and see how much progress he can make in learning to read. Now, in saying this, I'm assuming he is in possession of 'readiness skills' for first grade. Is he? If so, go ahead with his promotion. He can always repeat first grade (where the major academic task is learning to read) if he is struggling with reading as first grade nears an end. Unless achild is very, very immature and not in possession of readiness skills, repeatingkindergarten is not necessary.
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