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Trouble being calm in kindergarten.

I received a note form the teacher stating that she has to remind my child( a boy of 5 yrs old..6 in november) to be calm.  It seems he has trouble staying calm.  My son has always been very active..throughout daycare we have been working on this as well..
He likes to talk while the teacher is talking, play while doing the activities..trouble listening..abd during nap time cannot rest but moves around and is disruptive to the other students.
She asks me to correct this problem so we can see changes rapidly...what does this mean?
I have decided to set up a calendar and have rewards or consequences for good and bad behavior.
Is there any toher suggestions you can give me?

My son does have trouble listening..is easily distracted..is imaginative and in the moon.  Often when i talk to him he nods..but he is somewhere else and when i say to repeat what i said ...he has no idea. He is very intelligent, is not aggressive..but is also very active..and has trouble sitting through a tv show etcc
Is it possible he has add or hyperactive?  

I'm worried that he will be labeled fast..and also because he is the only little brown boy in his class..and all of kindergarten that his behavior will stand out more..and that teachers could give him a very hard time later.

Please help a concerned mother.
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I think what she might be hinting at is medication.  Seeing changes "rapidly" would be very hard to achieve without meds.

The problem here,  is that from your description he sounds like a very active boy.  Within the normal spectrum,  but a normal boy presents problems in a typical classroom environment.  

Medicating might be the way to go for a child who simply can't learn,  can't make friends because they are so agitated all the time,  and is so disruptive that the classroom can't function with his behavior.

I really don't sense that about your son.    He sounds like he's on the active spectrum of normal.  You'll also see children who are on the inactive spectrum of normal - they don't want to stand to get in line,  don't want to participate in PE,  and will sit on the curb during recess.  They're normal too - but they're not causing the teacher any difficulties so they're not addressed.

This is getting long,  sorry.

Is he in a sport?  If he has lots of chances to expend his energy outside the classroom - and always has a chance to expend energy at PE and recess and lunch,  that might help.  

Next year,  he won't be forced to nap.
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I had another thought.

Do you have a chance to put him in a school that's more racially diverse?  I agree,  if he already stands out visually,  and his behavior is very active,  he will probably get a reputation - an informal label -  pretty fast.  
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We just moved to st-bruno..and here its pretty much all white. I am white too but his father is a haitian. We divorced when he was 2 years old.  His daycare was international..but in this new school its mostly kids with parents that have alot of money and all white.
I don't think I would like to put him on medication either...
Maybe he just needs more structure at home to help for school...and i think maybe swimming lessons was something I would like to put him in...it could help..thanks.

He is very active..he has trouble falling asleep at night.  He'll play in his bed..talks to himself sometimes for an hour.  He loves music..and sings alot.  He talks loud..makes friends easily..but can get excited easily with a friend.
The thing is she doesnt say how he is disruptive or what the calm instructions are or what time periods he seems disruptive.  I write her a note..hopefully i'll have more comeback tonight.
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