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What can I do about deliberate urination on the floor by mu 9 yr old?

I have a nine yr old son who has been urinating on the floor in his bedroom.  I am not sure how long it has been going on but when questioned about it, he did admit it was not  the first time he has done it.  I felt the carpet was wet today that is how I found out it had been going on.  I asked him why he did it and he just responded that he wanted to.  He did not say it with defiance just sort of matter-of-fact. When he was around 7 yrs old I found a collection (2-3) of empty water bottles that he had been urinating into in his bedroom.  I asked him about this as well and it was the same response.  I told him not to do this anymore and left it up to silly boy behavior at the time but maybe the items are related.  He is awake when he does this and it is not on accident.  He was a bed-wetter when he was younger 4-5 yrs old but it has not been an issue for some time.  I had him clean up the mess today but I do not know if this sounds like a bigger underlying issue.  
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