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I'm wondering if my 4 1/2 year old daughter might be ADHD or just defiant to her parents. She can go to other people;s houses and play and listen but when she is home she is a totally different child. She doesn't listen to simple tasks like picking up toys or sit down at the table, everytime we are on the phone she screams, somebody comes to the door she goes running to it, she can't sit and watch a half hour tv show. when we take her out she has a fit out in public and starts screaming. She makes a scene everytime we go out. I don't know what to do. We have a 9 month old son as well and I was thinking some of the problem was a new person in the house but her behavior doesn't improve. Does this sound like it could be ADHD or just an overly hyperactive child. She is going to be starting school this year and I'm concerned about how she is going to act...Any suggestions..It's gotten to where we miss out on doing alot of things because she refuses to listen and has a tantrum when we go out.
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I would think it best to see a medical practitioner if you really think the problem is adhd. However, imho, I would doubt this behaviour to be adhd. Because your child can behave herself when you are at other peoples places it seems to me that she chooses her behaviour when she feels safe to display it. In other words, it seems to me that children with adhd have a clinical condition that wouldn't allow a child to choose if and when the behaviour turned on. I think more likely she simply has "normal" behaviour issues.  If you don't get enough advice to help on this site, I would recommend any of the books by Dr Christopher Green. He wrote toddler taming, beyond toddler taming, understanding adhd and heaps of others. In Australia he is considered a guru, and I think his books are available in US and Uk, or can be bought on line. There are heaps of other good books in most librarys, but I still think his are the best.

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