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hi evryone ok so my son at age 4 i take him out of dipers but at age 6 he starts to bed wet and he ha8ts going on sleep overs and other evants he is now 12 and he hasint stoped he dosint like "dipers" and he refuseis to go on camping trips my wife and me want to go camping and us ad the docter say its ok but he wot belev us so dose anyone have any tips?
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Does your son drink a lot of minerals before going to bed at night? i think alot of kids have this problem and most of it turns out to be lazyness not wanting to get out of the bed at night time, why don't you start a routine of waking your child 2-3 times at night to get him up to go to the bathroom weather he has to go or not, see how that goes for you i know it will be very exhausting but at least it might solve your problem.
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It is not laziness - it could be a medical condition - he needs to see a doctor!  There are many reasons why a child that age would still be doing this.    
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I think this post is a joke.  Who keeps their kid in diapers until age 4????
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