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possible learning problem?

My seven year old son is in first grade.  He went to a montessori pre school and traditional kindergarten.  He did well with learning and interacting with other children.  His preschool teacher and his kindergarten teacher both told me he would complain to them about noise being too loud in the class.  This happened when it really was "starting" to get loud.  First grade we have new problems.  His teacher told me he is not doing well in math.  His papers he brings home are erased alot with corrections made (marked as corrected by his teacher).  We decided to work with him at home to help him with adding and subtracting.   We were a little surprised that he does not have any problems at home.  He seems to be able to do the work.  My husband asked him why he wasn't doing his math right at school.  His reply was that "someone will ask him a question, for a pencil or eraser...., then someone gets up and walks past him...etc."  We have deduced he is having trouble concentrating at school.  His teacher has said he seems to be easily distracted, but he does his work which does not make her think ADD.  He does get up and down a lot during class.   She has moved him in front of her which has helped a little, but the problem is still there.  I am curious if he could have anxiety problems in school too?  He is in accelerated reading and seems to be doing well in other areas.  (fine motor skills are not the best, poor handwriting still, worse than most in his class.)  gross motor skills are very good, he loves to particpate in sports and has very good hand-eye coordination.  His class size is very small, 12 students, which makes me think he may not ever do well in a large class.   Do you have any suggestions?  Sounds seem to be  a distraction for him....I know classrooms have a lot of sounds for someone who is sensitive to noises.  Any suggestions to help ot possible things to consider as far as a learning problem?  
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I'm having the same problem with my 6 yr old son in 1st grade.  His teacher says he's immature and his reading coach feels he is not comprehending in class.  He works fine at home with me but when he gets to school it's a different story.  My husband and I is questioning his teacher's teaching methods so we are going to his school and sit in on the class.  Of course this is going to be an unannounced visit.  We do agree he is a little immature and we do believe he does have a problem understanding.  But if his teacher is not taking time to make sure he understands then I can see why his work doesn't get done at school.  Like you, I need some suggestions also.
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Go check out this link:  http://www.thelisteningprogram.com/

My son is not in school yet, however I notice the exact same things with him.  He just turned 5 recently.  He complains about loud sounds and has problems with fine motor skills.  These are both common to ADHD and to Asperger's Disorder.  Google both of those to see if your sons fit the descriptions.  My son hasn't been diagnosed with anything, however I do see characteristics of both disorders in him.  Best wishes!  I know what it's like to have a child who is struggling.  

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You described my daughter to the T when she was that age. I guess our house was always pretty quite. She had a hard time with being distracted in school by noises or other children. She could not filter out the sounds to do the work.  She was in an advanced reading class.  When there was a subject that she had to concentrate on she would struggle. Someone would ask her for something or ask another student even the teacher helping some else.  She did not have ADD or ADHD.  We started to put on backround music or the TV while she would work.  Not a show or music she liked just noise.  It was difficult at first but after a while she got used to some distraction while trying to concentrate.   Today she is 11 still does not like loud noise but does great at school and can handle the distractions while working.  It might not work for you but it worked for my daughter. Good Luck   P.S my daughters handwriting has always been bad thank goodness they use computer to write papers now.
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