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what can I do to stop my son from head butting

My question is my son has been head butting me for a couple days now what can I do to make him help.
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Hi.  How old is your son?  He is hitting his head into you?  Into a wall? Explain a little more and I'll try to help.  I remember when my son was one and we had our house for sale.  We were selling it for sale by owner and I was showing it to a young professional man. My son sat down on the wood floor and just started banging his head on the floor repeatedly.  The young professional man just stared at him and finally said, I thought banging head on a wall was just a rumor.  Kids do strange things!  That son, however, did have minor neurological issues we were not yet aware of.  But overall, kids do things like this. Depending on the age, we can talk about how to get him to stop.  
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My daughter does the same thing. She is 27 and still does it when faced with things she cant deal with. She turned out to be a neurotic emotional mess.
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