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Pinched Nerves or Possible Nuero problem? I'm confused

I've also posted questions in the nuerology forums about my condition.

I've had issues that I've gone to see a chiropractor for almost 10 years now. The left side of neck/back/shoulder blade area have had the pins and needles, pressure, and general discomfort on and off for years. In general, chiropractic care has releaved me of these symptoms as long as I maintain regular adjustments. X-rays done of my neck in my early 20's were negative.

Not until very recently have the discomforting symptoms turned into a huge problem. Back in December I began having a lot of numbness and some pain - basically on the whole left side of my upper body. Stretching pre-workout seems to agrivate these. My upper back always feels tight for lack of a better term unless I get a good bit of cardio in at the gym. What began to concern me even more was that I started to experience muscle twitching and fatigue - again mostly left side. In the following months the same symptoms have moved into the right arm as well, albeit not as intense. My strength seems fine, but the arm/shoulder muscles feel like they just burn out quickly now.

My chiro wants neck and back x-rays, while my nuero has been running other tests. My neuro has suggested I lay off the chiropractic while he is working on this. The two do not seem interested in working with each other.

Nuerologist tests: MRI brachial plexus with contrast - results negative, blood work (muscle enzymes I think) - not back yet, and I have an EMG scheduled for next week.

I've read that a pinched nerve is not a serious health issue as long as it is diagnosed early enough and corrective measures are put in place to allow the nerve to recover. However I am suffering everyday without relief.

Can a pinched nerve cause all of these problems? Up until 3 months ago I worked out almost everyday at the gym, and I would consider my health to be excellent for a 31 year old male. Now I'm told to just rest - and rest is making me feel worse.
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After being in two bad car accidents, sitting at a red light no less, a bad fall and a few other things - it was explained to me that the muscle swells around the nerve - continual use at the computer or anything using my right arm - sets off my neck down to the muscle in my mid-back.  Anytime I get physically hurt I go to my chiropractor first - he knows his capabilities and if I need to, I go to a medical Doctor.  It is easier to go that route, then getting a Doctor to send you to a chiropractor. I am fortunate - my medical Doctor is into prevention - and the whole body.  My C-5 and C-6 are those most involved - along with the C-1 = with the impact of the car - if I keep my spine straight - use lulu (a natural heat pad for microwave) when things get a little up tight - my neck is soooo sensitive I cannot wear necklaces - can't put too much in my windjacket pockets as it puts pressure on my neck - can't wear employee id around neck - sensitive neck - you betcha' -
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PS I am shocked that the chiropractor hasn't taken x-rays by now - - for me - if I was in pain I would have asked my friends about a chiropractor - mine put the x-rays up on the screen and showed me what was wrong - -
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Dottie - thanks for your comments. To make a long story short, my chiro wanted x-rays. I had already started seeing a nuero who had ordered tests and asked me to lay off the chiropractic while he is investigating my problem. I haven't been to my chiro in about a month, but with my last visit he wanted to order x-rays.

For any chiropractor who cares to comment:

To follow up on my first post, my EMG test and NCV came back as normal in my left arm - and part of neck. Some of my symptoms have subsided but only on my right side. My left side is still highly agitated, and my bicep feels like it is just completely burned out with a buzz running through my arm all the time. The funny part is that I still have all of my strength - just not a lot of stamina with the muscle in that arm. I can also do a full cardio workout at the gym without ill effects to other limbs (legs, lung, and heart feel fine).

So if any chiro's would care to comment, any ideas? My chiroporactor just gives the standard adjustment each visit. Aren't there other techniques that chiropractors use to treat these issues?

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