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Questions in the Chiropractic Care Forum are being answered by Dr. Adam Tanase, a board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic. Topics covered include Muscle Pain, Nerve Pain, Movement Disorders, Subluxation, Upper Cervical Care, Pain Management, Health Care Alternatives, and Wellness Care.
Some of my vertebrae stick out on my spine around my lower back and they do not cause me pain except for when I have been standing for lo...
About two months ago, I started a fitness boot camp. I could not define a point of injury, but started feeling pain in the lower left s...
I have had several people tell me I can and several people tell me I can't have my back realigned by a chiropractic machine. I really wou...
My 25 year old son went to a chiropractor a few months back. He has right sided thoracic scoliosis which forms an S with a lumbar curve ...
when do you know that going to the chiropractor is not helping your body any more?
I recently had an MRI, the results came back with I have herniated discs at t3 and t4 with slight stenosis. Didn't get a whole lot of exp...
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