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fertility and Chiro....

I was doing some research on ways to improve your fertility.( had 2 miscarriages in 11 months. Ready to try again!).... And I read on a few web sites that woman trying to get pregnant that went to the Chiropractor  improved there chances of getting pregnant by about 30%. So, I went with my husband last week to his chiro appointment and asked her about it and she just said that she had a 38 yr old lady that had no plans to have kids and was on birth control and got pregnant about 2 months into treatment!  Is this true? can it help me? and how does it help?
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Infertility is a complicated situation in that a number of different causes, both known and unknown, can prevent conception.

Speaking from personal experience, I've helped a handful of female patients who were told they could never conceive... today, they have kids.

But... and this is a big but... there have also been women who received care and were still unable to get pregnant. So it's important to realize that chiropractic care isn't a "cure" for infertility.

The purpose of chiropractic care is to help restore balance to the nervous system. In some situations, nerve irritation can be responsible for interfering with the process of fertilization, thereby inhibiting a woman's ability to become pregnant. When that irritation is corrected, normal function is restored.

As long as you approach the care with a clear understanding of what's being done, I think that visiting a chiropractor is a great idea.
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Thanks for the fast response!  Well I dont have a fertility problem but I was hoping it will help us conceive faster!  and plus I could use the help for my hip, back and TMJ!!!  but the help w/ conceiving is a bonus!   THANKS!!!
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