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30 yr. old son with COPD

My 30 yr. old son just some weeks ago was diagnosed with COPD. He went to the ER for another problem, then complained about being short of breath and tightness in chest. Was given spirometry breathing test and given chest xray. Diagnosis COPD. Three years ago I was given the spirometry and a chest xray. Given the diagnosis of COPD at age 50. I went for a second opinion with a pulmonologist. Diagnosis of COPD was confirmed. My only sibling a brother at the age of 47 was given the diagnosis of COPD as well. My brother was diagnosed approximately 6 months before my diagnosis. Our mother had idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. She passed away 4 months after a lung transplant. My mother's only sibling a brother passed away with end-stage COPD and CHF.

My mother and her brother never smoked. Me, my brother and son smoked. I though cannot quite wrap my mind around my 30 yr. old son having COPD. I know it can happen in younger people. Still so shocking to me. And the thing that really upsets and worries me, is that my son's breathing and coughing seems so much worse than mine. I was in the moderate stage of COPD upon diagnosis. I am attempting to get the results of his spirometry from this hospital that diagnosed the COPD. Then, want to follow up with a second opinion.

Lung disease is running rampant in my family most obviously. And we did not realize that bad lungs were in our family until our mother became ill with IPF and then me, my brother and now my son being diagnosed with COPD. I know that cigarettes greatly help cause this in me, my brother and son. But, still I do not buy the total blame being cigarettes. Seems this is hereditary in my family. Plus, me, my brother and son worked for a number of years around harmful things as well.

Just my strong opinion about what all causes COPD.

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Thank you for your kind response. I was given the alpha one antitrypsin deficiency testing. I did not have it. I realize that IPF is not the same as COPD. I just wanted to establish the lung diseases that are in my family. I once again thank you for taking your time to respond to my post.
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You all should be tested for a genetic form of COPD called alpha one antitrypsin deficiency...it is an easy blood test and is TREATABLE.  obviously all involved need to cease smoking.  IPF is not related to this illness
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It sounds largely genetic, but there are toxic substances that can precipitate it. Cigarette smoke is one and Inhaling organophosphates is another. The latter caused my COPD.
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