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I have low fev1 spirometry results; 68% predicted level. I am a 47 year old South East Asian male. Chest X-ray are normal. No shortness o...
I am hoping Dr Mathur or Paderia Anitha will comment but any one else is also welcome .There has been some research suggesting that turm...
2 months; taken anti biotic; x-ray clear; doc says not pnuemonia
I was initially prescribed Anoro when diagnosed with emphysema. It did not work even after trying it a year. I was then given Advair Disk...
chronic cough after pneumonia gram negative staph and cladosporium mold and klebsiella oxytoca ,all cureable but my dr wont try he said h...
I'm a healthy 23 year old male. Not sure what it is but I have been doing it for a couple of months. Every now and then just out of the r...
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