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Just got diagnosed with emphysema

I am 40 year male, am a smoker for 20 years averaging 2 cigarettes per day.. I had a Covid which was bad in 2020 but dint need hospitalization since my oxygen was fine.

1.5  months back, I had a cold followed by cough. The cough never went away.

The cough is worst in the morning with white phelgm. So went to lung doc.

After CT scan and pft, she told I have inflated lungs and would require inhaler and Montelukast and I need to quit smoking She called it emphysema

She said it's mild but when I googled emphysema I got **** scared.

My FEv1/FVC is 81 % and FEV1 is 76, Fvc is 77%..

How bad is it?
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1183190 tn?1326108934
Can somebody respond... How do I have ?
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