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Is taking hydrocodone harmful to COPD?

I am a seventy-plus year old man who has been living with COPD for a long time and have been taking hydroco/APAP 5.5mg. for back problems. Lately I have noticed more fluid in my lungs and more wizzing as well as shortness of breath. Could it be caused by the aspirin in hydrocodone? My pharmacist has suggested that I ask my doctor to change me to the 5.3mg.or the 10.3mg. which have less aspirin. Would the change help?      Thank you.
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My husband died 3 months ago from COPD.  He had been prescribed hydrocodone and we noticed increased breathing problems while taking it. When he went in the hospital with what we were told was pneumonia, he was continued on hydrocodone even though I told the doctors he could not breath well with it.  So, now I know that probably the doctors hastened his death. He didn't have pneumonia, did not respond to antibiotics, and when he complained of pain, guess what, they continued the hydro with valium, then morphine and utimately he couldn't come out of it.  His COPD was controlled until he was prescribed the hydro for back pain.
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I know you posted this awhile back but my mother just passed away from the same thing. What did you do after? Did u file a lawsuit?
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Isn't hydrocodone a synthetic narcotic? Narcotics are respiratory suppressants and not usually advised for someone with COPD or emphysema.
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