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All my Meds are diuretics to me

It’s virtually impossible for me to leave the house without needing to use the bathroom all the time.
ive asked for a lower dosage as my edema & Ascites has significantly subsided but my physician wants to keep me on this dosage for the remainder of October and assures me the constant need to use the bathroom (10+ times per hr) will subside.
Any thoughts?
Cheers, Jason

Lasix® 40mg
Aldactone® 25mg
Pantoloc® 40mg
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I take larger dosages myself but don't suffer from constant relief requirements. Have your doctor check you for a urinary tract infection or stone. You seem to be wanting to go far more than even diuretics would require.  
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Thats interesting.
No stones, but a UTI i have had in the past with similar req
I see my doc Monday next, so ill bring up that point.

Cheers; Jason
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