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Cirrhosis versus blood tests

Hello have posted a few questions in the past and it has been helpful.  I was diagnosed with cirrhosis last year since then my blood tests are not normal.
I was wondering if any one new what is related to cirrhosis

My platelets are not good 133 glucose 128 blood urea nitrogen 34 alkaline phos 141 sgpt alt 46
My lipid panel is a reck cholest 231 trigly 189
Ldl 142.2 vldl 37.8 uric acid 7.0 vitamin d25  20.34

Any comment is appreciated.. i already went to my doctor.. he said ho see an hematologyst.
I been eating fairly well...not too bad.

My tests were perfect last year, i do not know what happened.  Ending last year i came out with cirrhosis and artritis reumática which is an autoimune disease

Advise back which is related to cirhosis... so i can tackle the unrelated.

Thank you

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Are you seeing a liver specialist? They are best suited to follow a patient with end stage liver disease (ESLD) aka liver cirrhosis.

Liver scarring will cause portal hypertension which is elevated blood pressure in the main vein (the portal vein) which passes through the liver. This increased portal hypertension can cause enlarged veins in the esophagus (swallowing tube) which if very enlarged can result in a dangerous esophageal bleeding event. Have you had an upper endoscopy to evaluate if you have esophageal varicies?

Portal hypertension also causes the spleen to enlarge causing the spleen to sequester (hold onto) platelets. This is often the cause of low platelet counts in cirrhosis. My platelet count before my hepatitis c was cured was around 85. Now 5 years post cure they have risen to about 125 but I still have cirrhosis.

Liver enzymes are elevated when something is attaching your liver they do not relate to if you have cirrhosis or not. If you have cirrhosis but nothing is attacking  your liver now it is very common to have normal liver enzymes. People who have elevated liver enzymes in many cases do not have cirrhosis only if the condition that is causing the elevated liver enzymes has continued for a long period of time that constant attack of the liver may cause cirrhosis over time.

Unless your glucose test was taken while you were fasting the result is meaningless. Gloucester tests are evaluated in a fasted condition only.

Are you overweight? Being overweight is a common cause of liver injury caused by fatty liver. Fat cells in the liver can cause liver injury eventually causing liver cirrhosis in some cases over time. Fatty liver disease is also caused NAFLD (non-alcohol fatty liver disease) you may want to look that up. The treatment for patients with NAFLD is to try to lose weight to get to a normal BMI but any weight loss is beneficial.

Hope this helps to answer your question. See a hepatologist or at least a gastroenterologist for more insight into your specific medical circumstances.
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