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Compensated alcoholic cirrhosis-avascular necrosis

Background: 12 years compensated alcoholic cirrhosis- grade 3 varices- No bleeds-No acities
Recent diagnosis -avascular necrosis (Right Hip) Collapsed femoral head
Total Hip Replacement schedule at the end of the month.

MELD 8 (though different lab facility) per the ranges listed inr-creatine-bilirubin all in laboratory ranges.
Strange the elevation in MELD since I have been a 6 for many years now.

What are effects of anesthesia during and post surgical procedure.
What is the likeliness of further liver damage possible liver decompensation
Should my hepatologist be looking for avascular necrosis in the other hip (since two surgeries would be risky)

Causes for avascular necrosis: Certainly alcoholic cirrhosis but also 18 months ago I took a fall at work from 3-4 feet, impact site was the right hip hitting a 6 inch raised corner of a concreate slab. Massive bruising was seen at least 1 foot tall and eventually spread across my entire back. X-ray was performed at the time of the fall but no fractures identified. The fall was been dismissed by my liver specialist and PCP though I still think this is a probability. Is this feasible as a cause for the limited blood supply?

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Hi Randy

Really can’t help you with most of that except to say I’ve had sedation a number of times since I was diagnosed with cirrhosis including abdominal surgery for gall bladder removal and subsequent super umbilical hernia repair and suffered no I’ll effects. Of course my medical condition is not the same as yours so I really think your best information about your situation would come from your medical team.

Best of luck with your upcoming surgery

Lynn, great to hear from you again and thank you for your response. Sorry you have gone through so much, I appreciate you sharing your experience since anesthesia is my  largest concern based on the research I have done. I'm sure everything will go fine I just like to know as much as I can learn, it's how we best recover.

Thanks my friend, take care.

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