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Fatty liver with SGPT. SPOT

, good afternoon team,

I am tense with regards to my health issue, as I have medical test within 10 days.

I have fatty liver grade 2 non alcohic and spot is 56 and sgpt is 64.

I shown to doctor he as given me udiliv 300mg for 10 days.

My question is. Whether this related to medical test issue.other side I have cholostrol about 244.

I hope this sgot shot and spot is not highly importance for Kuwait medical test.

Secondly, udiliv 300mg can reduce my spot and sgpt.
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We here are a community of patients living with liver cirrhosis. There are no medical professionals here. This is a support community for patients with advanced liver disease. We cannot diagnose any medical condition or recommend any treatment.

You should ask your treating physician your questions.

Best of luck
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