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Going in for biopsy results

Hi, My name is Shelley.  I was referred to this group by a friend.  Hi PD :)  Anyways, I've been newly diagnosed with cirrhosis, last month.  I've had a colonoscopy, endoscopy and the liver  biopsy done and I am going in for the results on Thursday.    I was wondering if you all had any suggestions on questions I should ask.  Here's what I know so far.  I definitely have cirrhosis, I was told I would definitely need a transplant within the next 5 years, I have trace amounts of ascites, well a month ago I did, I think it's more than a trace now, I know from the colonoscopy/endoscopy that I have gastritis and a hiatal hernia and colitis and that they removed 12 polyps which they are biopsying.. they are also doing a biopsy on the gastritis.  (I've had precancerous polyps before but only 2).  I have a long list of other illnesses.  And right now am fighting a viral and bacterial infection as well as oral thrush.  I'd really like to be prepared with the proper questions when I go in there on Thursday and come out knowing everything that I need to and can know.  Oh, my memory which is horrible now anyways, has gotten much worse and I lose my words a lot and now my spelling which use to be excellent.  Ok... I'll leave it at that before I start rambling.  Thank you for any and all info you have :)

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Welcome Shelly, I am sure some knowledgeable people will be along soon.  I just wanted to say hello.  Welcome!
Try to take some notes when you go so you can have everything the doctor says written down, even better is to take someone with you who can listen and take notes.  It is very difficult to remember everything at a doctor visit.
I would tell the doctor about how you are losing words.  
You may need to have your ammonia level checked  High levels of ammonia can be handled with a RX lactulose, it is a sweet syrup that helps to remove toxins that your body can't.  there is also an antibiotic Rimpafin (sp) something like that that can help.
I take it and it really helps me quite a bit with memory, remember words, etc.
For the thrush you might want to eat yogurt or buy some probiotics to help.
I am sorry you are sick, it really makes it harder to think

Try to cut down on salt as much as you can.  Try not to eat red meat, that is hard on the liver and can add to the elevated ammonia.

Try to drink as much water as you can to help your liver flush toxins out
Best wishes, I am sure others will be along soon
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Thank you Dee I didn't think anyone was going to respond.  Now a days I do take a note pad with me so I can write everything down because I know I will forget whatever the dr's say before I even walk out of the door.  I also go in with a list of questions because I forget to ask everything.  Or that I even had anything to ask.    I am drinking water like there's no tomorrow.  My mouth is so dry.  Seriously right after I swallow my mouth feels like a desert again.  I has to be the meds.  Although they haven't done this before and I haven't had a change in meds.  But they have started acting differently awhile ago.  I also have to try to remember to make a chart that I can check off as to if I've taken my meds or not because I forget...so sometimes I might night even be taking them because I don't remember if I have or not, so for fear of doubling them up I just wont take them.  But I keep forgetting to make the chart lol.  I should probably write that down to tell the dr. Do you know if he will be able to give me my meld score on Thursday?  Thanks again for replying to me.  I appreciate it bunches.

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For a MELD score you need these three numbers from your doctor and/or from your medical records;
(1) Creatine level.
(2) Bilirubin level.
(3) INR (a measure of your blood clotting).

With those three numbers in hand your MELD score can be calculated here:  

Take care,
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Hi Shelley,
What were the results of your appointment on Thursday?
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How did your appt go?  Let us know..  its always hard to go to that appt...but knowledge is power.      

Thinking of you and sending hugs..Paula
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Sorry it's taken me so long to post about the results.  The results of the liver biopsy confirmed the cirrhosis.  The cause is NASH, I have the exact thing that the dr said, but it's in my file in the other room.. anyways, it amounts to nash.  Thanks to pugdaddy, I was able to figure out my meld score and it is very low.  The Dr said I am no where near a transplant yet.  As for the polyps he said he actually took over 14 out and  that there are a lot more but he didn't want to do anymore right then.  They are precancerous.  He said I will have to have that done every year as well as the endoscopy.  Also said that I am very, very high risk for colon cancer and high risk for liver cancer.  But that he will have my gp add specific blood work to my normal blood work (I get blood work done often) to keep an eye out for that and other things.  We talked about the gerds which is bad and other little things.  He said I don't need to see a hepatologist right now that he will just treat symptoms as they pop up.  Other than that he doesn't need to see me for a year.  I felt very good after the appointment because he didn't really say anything I didn't already know.  But now that time has passed, I don't know.  I'm not sure what I'm suppose to feel, but what I feel is nothing.  I know I have cirrhosis but like it's not a serious thing.  I tend to do that will all of my "diseases".  I don't look different, I don't feel different.  Yeah, I hurt etc. etc.  But I have for years.  I don't feel any different than before they saw this on the ultra sound then through everything else and finally the biopsy.  And if he doesn't want to see me for a year.. then it must not be serious.  That's how my mind works.  Same with my lung dr.  I never ever see her unless I run into bad trouble, then I call her and make an appointment.  My GP doesn't seem to take anything I say serious or she would have caught this 2 years ago when I told her about the pain.  Hmm, maybe had she listened then it would have just been liver disease and not into cirrhosis.  Who knows.  Not real happy with her right now for a number of reasons.  Anyways, I'm not real sure what I'm suppose to do or how I'm suppose to feel.  The only instructions I received were, high fiber diet and exercise.  Oh yeah, when I told him about the confusion he wrote me a prescription for lactoluse....which I didn't fill because I've not had a test for how high my ammonia levels are.  If I don't have to take it, I do not want to add it to my long list of meds I already have.  So, do I just go on like I don't have this?  A lot of the "symptoms/complications" I already have either because of my liver or another illness I have who knows anymore.. and I just live with them.  He's a very nice Dr, takes the time he needs with you, not rushed etc etc.  But now that time has passed I feel like I've had all these tests and procedures, got the diagnosis and just kinda tossed out on the curb.  Has anyone gone through this "stage of emotion or lack of emotion" about this?
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