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Hep C stage 2 and cirrhosis stage 4

After a biopsy my husband was diagnosed with hep c stage 2 and cirrhosis stage 4, liver enzymes moderate high. he took harvoni Hep C gone. then 2 complete blood test all is back to  normal range. He went for fibroscan and no sign of cirrhosis ? kPA 6.0   what can we believe and does he need to have an other biopsy if the blood test keep being normal ?  thank you for reading
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I had hep c for 37 years and was diagnosed with liver biopsy with cirrhosis after being infected for 30 years. Personally I have never heard of hep c stage 2. I am now cured of hep c for 2.5 years.

But anyway, how was he diagnosed with cirrhosis stage 4?

Liver enzymes only indicate that injury is occuring not extent of injury. Now that I am cured I have normal liver enzyme tests my only test that is out of normal is my platelet count that is due to my ongoing liver cirrhosis. My Fibroscan result post treatment was 33 so I very much still have cirrhosis.

My situation going forwards is blood testing and ultrasounds every 6 months and an annual visit with my hepatologist.

What has his doctor said about his follow up plan going forwards? What has his doctor said about your question?
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he was diagnosed with cyrrosis 4 with a biopsy while he still had Hep C
the doctor wants to monitor him with blood test, and/or biopsy to correlate the 2
Sounds like a excellent plan to determine his true current status. Hoping his Fibroscan results are accurate.

My Fibroscan before treatment and cure was 27 and as I said my 1 year post treatment Fibroscan increased to 33 so not looking as good for me.

It has been found that about half of patients with cirrhosis post cure experience an improvement with their livers health and can improve from F4 to a reduced number. But having had previous cirrhosis it is not known how this improvement relates to the persons fish of HCC going forwards so most feel the patient should still be monitored with abdominal ultrasounds and AFP blood testing every 6 months to monitor for the risk of HCC.

But if he has improved that is truly great news!

Best of luck to you both
thanks for your tips very much appreciated
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