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Received blood results.  ALT 74  AST 123.  My glucose is 112 and my tryglicerdies are 306.   I have no abdomonal pain but do feel very fatigued.  I just recently had gone to the hospital for heart palpitations and feeling like i was going to pass out. Are these levels still able to come down? Or is it possible that there is no turning back at this point?  

Very nervous.  
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Hi Jess
Sorry for your health concerns.

What does your doctor tell you about your results?

Your title is Pancreatitis/Cirrhosis does that mean you have been diagnosed by your doctor with either or both? Those are both serious medical conditions if you have them and must be discussed with your physician.

We here are either caregivers or patients with cirrhosis and while we can pass along our experiences, provide support and suggest questions you may want to ask your doctor, we are not medical professionals. I strongly urge you to discuss your concerns with your treating physician.

Once you have that information we can help you better understand what was said.

Best of luck to you
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Just some thoughts to ease your mind.
Once its determined why these bloodwork results are abnormal and the offending cause is found your #s can come back to normal range.
The ALT and AST are high because you have inflammation in your liver.
They DON'T mean that your liver is scarred and beyond repair, only that
something in your body is causing distress.  Once that is eliminated those
#s will be back within the regular range.
Your glucose #s indicate sugar.  You would want to try to stay below 105.
Your only slightly off and watching your sugar intake should correct that.
Your Triglycerides are higher then average and indicate to much fat in your
diet.  Again, that can also be managed along with a healthier diet.
Heart Palpitations can have a variety of reasons.  Sometimes anxiety and
stress can play a part.  Certain meds and even Caffiene can raise your heart
rate.  As Lynn stated, seeing a trusted Dr would be your next step to rule out
disease.  We can only speculate on this forum and you really need to find out
whats going on even if its only for piece of mind.
You can change the pattern of your health.  With a knowledgable and caring
Dr. you will get to the bottom of this and then make necessary adjustments for your health and well being.
Take care and keep us posted.
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Dr said I am pre diabetic and that if my triglycerides pass 500 that it means pancreatitis.   I am just worried because my mother suffered from Hep C (however I have tested negative).  I hardly have any sugar in my diet however I dont eat very well, some times if at all.   I will work on eating more veg/fruit.  I am just so concerned because i have never had irregular blood work.  I have very stressful things going on in my life right now, divorce, ill family members etc, so I am sure that is what is causing heart palpitations.   I just have never felt so ill before.

I will work on my diet and hope that in a months time I have regular levels again.  Thank you so much for your words and thoughts, and will keep you posted.

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